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Wendy Strain Ghostwriter, Editor, Copywriter, SpeakerYou are one of the 80-90% of Americans who knows they have a book in them, but you never seem to have the time or the focus to get everything together to make it happen.If you already have a book, you might also find you have a need for a large quantity of short-form writing such as blog posts, newsletters, or reports to support your business and no time to produce them. As a ghostwriter, these are two problems I can help you with.

You might have drawers full of notes, or entire hard drives full of related material. At this point, you’re not even sure where to start or how to keep up.

It’s possible you’ve seen the advertisements for techniques to ‘write your book in a weekend,’ advice to hire a writer through a discount service, or ‘how to dictate your book into your computer.’ These solutions sound great on the surface, but you’re smart enough to know none of that is going to work for the book you have in mind. Your ideas need special attention, a steady hand, and an expert eye for detail to make them shine and produce the transformational effects you always imagined.

Writing a book like yours, like building a business, can be a long, laborious process which requires talent, skill, and experience to create success. Even if you have some of these, you may still be lacking in other areas. Meanwhile, you have other concerns pulling at your attention – your actual business/career, your family, your social life. You despair that you will never have the time to pull all your thoughts together into a comprehensive, world-changing book, especially not now, when it can do the most good.

A ghostwriter can alleviate some of that overwhelm for you. We can translate the ideas you have in your head into a polished manuscript that fully demonstrates your expertise, your wisdom, your experience, and yes, even those boxes full of notes. For more than 15 years, Wendy Strain has been dedicated to empowering people just like you to publish their stories and get them into readers’ hands. Whether you are in need of a ghostwriter, editor, or story coach, stop dreaming about your book and pull it into reality starting with a simple phone call today.

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“Wendy is one of the most professional and efficient editors I have ever used. Thank you so much for making my book the best it could ever be!”

~Kim Smith, Author

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