#5MinuteFiction: Week 161 Winner

#5MinuteFiction winnerI thought I’d be back to normal by this evening, but clearly still a bit on the delayed side. Things will be back to normal by next week and thanks for your patience this week.

Willa Blair did a great job judging the contest and will be awarding a copy of both Highland Healer and Highland Seer to this week’s winner, Liz James!

Congratulations, Liz! Willa will send the electronic copies soon. Enjoy!

In case you missed it, here is Liz’s winning entry:

Liz James @TitaniumTal

There were benefits to being Deaf, he supposed. He didn’t have to worry about hearing those annoying telemarketers. He was never awakened by crying babies on long flights, and he always had peace and quiet when he wished.

Yes, Scott thought as he flipped a page on his book, it was fine being deaf. Plus, sign language was beautiful in its way. Hearing people rarely comprehended how much their body language spoke more volumes than the longest of speeches. But the Deaf… yes, they read the body much like he was reading his book. Oh, body language could lie, he supposed, but not often. And when people “spoke” to him with their hands, it was amazing. Conveying thoughts and ideas with their movements…. Scott rather thought that sometimes, it was like magic.

People often asked him if he would want to hear. Hear? Hear that annoying alarm clock ringing in the morning (although, to be truthful, the flashing light alternative was just as annoying), and the screeching voice (or so he’d been told) of his supervisor? No, he’d rather not, thanks.

But… sometimes, when he was all alone, like now, he thought he might like to hear HER voice. Molly was beautiful inside and out, and he was sure that her voice was just as lovely. She started to learn sign language for him, and while she “stuttered” a lot, her thoughtfulness and open face was beautiful in ways that modern society couldn’t quite understand. Forget the popular actor who all of his Hearing friends thought had the most wonderful voice. The only voice he wanted to hear was hers.

Make sure you come back next week for your chance to win!

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