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Everything I do is aimed at empowering people to find and fulfill their authentic stories within their professional careers. The more people who find fulfillment and joy in their work, the better the world is for all of us. Happy people are more motivated, innovative, and do a better job, meaning customers are happier, too. Finding your story is just the first step. 

As a writing coach, I can help you discover the story you want to tell, whether it is about your business, your life, a future vision, or a fantasy world you’ve created in your spare time. Story coaching works much like a writing class except you’re the only student, classes meet based on your schedule, and the only assignments given are always 100% focused on producing the material you want to create. 

The scope of your project also depends on you. From full-length novels (80,000-100,000 words) to a brief, single-page case study or a multi-part online course with delivery system and marketing materials, I can help you map out the steps needed, plan the supporting materials you’ll need, and keep you on target to completing your project within the timeframe you’ve set. 

Robert Paskill testimonialI hope to be able to use these methods in the future and hope to also use you or take another class with you to help build my skills further. You really have made an awesome difference in me and my writing and I thank you.

~ Robert Paskill

When your business is in alignment with your purpose, everything becomes easier. You receive constant motivation as you work toward your dreams, the more pragmatic business tasks from organizing to marketing come more naturally, and you’re able to spend more of your time doing things you love.

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