Eliana’s page

A story dedicated to one of the sweetest nieces an aunt could wish for,
who has the incredible power to change the world with her heart

Sea Princess Eliana

It was a beautiful morning on the ocean floor. Filtered sunlight flickered through the water to touch the sleeping eyes of the princess floating gently in her bed.

Why does Princess Eliana float in her bed?

Beautiful brown eyes were just starting to flicker open when the room filled with the hissing and snapping of two fighting crabs as they burst through the entryway.

With claws clacking together and legs waving around like tiny fans, the smaller black and white crab scrambled into the bed and tried to hide under the soft layer of moss Sea Princess Eliana used as a blanket.

Why do you think Princess Eliana uses moss for a blanket?

The red and orange Candy was not going to let Oreo hide so easily. Without a second thought, she started digging into the moss Oreo just burrowed into. Candy didn’t care at all whether she was waking up Eliana. The crab stopped herself just before nipping Eliana’s tail in irritation.

Did you see that? Eliana has a tail! What kind of creature is she? How do you know?

“What’s going on?” Sea Princess Eliana asked, as she scooped up her pet Candy. She was just in time to keep the angry animal from pinching her tail.

Eliana tried to soothe the crab and keep her fingers away from the waving claws all at the same time. She could feel Oreo trying to hide under Eliana’s flippers.

Why do you think Oreo and Candy are fighting?

Oreo must have been trying to get at Candy’s food dish again, Eliana thought.

She didn’t know why Oreo did that. It wasn’t as if Oreo didn’t have her own dish. And both crabs got the same Crab Chow.

Do your pets ever think the other one got something better? Why do you think they do that?

It was going to take a while to get Candy to settle down and coax Oreo out of Eliana’s bed.

This wasn’t the first time Eliana wondered why the crabs never went searching for her sister, Emily, or her brother, James. They always seemed to come to her.

With a sigh, Princess Eliana knew she wasn’t getting a chance to go back to sleep. She could tell by the amount of light in the water it was still very early.

Do you ever wake up very early and wonder if you should go back to bed? How do you know when it’s too early?

Looking out the window, Eliana watched as a school of yellow jacks swam by her window. They seemed to be glowing a particularly bright shade of yellow this morning, their fins just a little too blue, which somehow made the princess concerned. Something seemed to be wrong somehow.

What do you think yellow jacks might be?

With a few flips of her fins, Eliana rose from her bed. She drifted across the room and let Candy go just on the other side of her room entry.

She didn’t need to worry about dropping the crab. It could float its way down to the ground again. Eliana gave Candy a little push toward the passageway down to the kitchen. She didn’t want to deal with fighting crabs all morning.

Why didn’t Eliana need to worry about dropping her pet?

“Scoot. Go eat your breakfast and stop chasing Oreo.”

The brilliant crab allowed herself to sink to the ground and stared at Eliana for a moment. It was as if the crab was deciding whether to behave or not.

“Go, before I sic Sammy on you,” Eliana told the colorful crab with a wave of her hands. Eliana wasn’t sure if Candy even knew Sammy, her best friend in the ocean. Dolphins didn’t usually come in the house and Eliana didn’t often take Candy out for her walks.

What kind of friend is Sammy? Is he like Eliana or different? How do you know?

Candy waved her claws over her head for a moment. That was usually how she tried to threaten other creatures. But Princess Eliana was much bigger than the crab. Candy could give her a hard pinch, but that was about it. Eliana looked down at the small crab and gave her The Look, that one that meant Eliana was serious. Eventually, Candy decided to do as she was told.

As soon as Candy was gone, Oreo poked her head out from under the covers.

Do you remember what kind of covers Princess Eliana has?

Oreo gave a happy jump and, by waving all eight legs around while still afloat, managed to land in Eliana’s arms. Eliana could tell her little crab was happy to have gotten away from Candy one more time.

Eliana gave her pet a few comforting pats before letting the crab go. She wasn’t surprised when Oreo decided to creep around Eliana’s room instead of going back down to the kitchen and her food dish. Both of them knew it took Candy a long time to forgive.

With one small flick of her tail fins, Eliana drifted over to her mirror. She grabbed a piece of specially shaped coral to help her comb out her hair, chose some new anemones to wear, and picked out a new top.

Why do you think Princess Eliana doesn’t need to pick out new pants?

Looking out the window again, Eliana wasn’t sure, but something still seemed wrong. The water didn’t seem to be the right color of blue. She remembered the yellow jacks she saw earlier.

Do you remember what was wrong with the color of the yellow jacks?

Before she headed downstairs, Eliana made sure to grab her traveling bag. It was full of all kinds of things she might need. There was a sharp scallop shell that she could use for cutting, a hook-shaped piece of coral, some stringy sargassum, and a round piece of glass from the human world that helped her see small things close up.  She had a suspicion she might be exploring today.

Does Sea Princess Eliana’s morning look anything like your usual mornings?

How can you tell Sea Princess Eliana is a mermaid? What are some clues?

Can you draw a picture of Eliana’s sandcastle house or room?