Freethought Friday: Welcome to the Club!

52 weeks of Creativity – Are you up to the challenge?

Creativity Challenge with photo by Pixel PlaceboNot too long ago, one of my relatives posted a concern that there hadn’t been enough art in life lately. This isn’t hard for creative people to understand, is it? We all get a bit carried away with the various stresses and strains of everyday life.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided there wasn’t really enough art in my life either. I have all these projects I’ve been wanting to do, supplies I was saving for a special project that I ended up throwing out because they had broken down to an un-usable state by the time we moved, and entire lists of projects I’ve wanted to get done and each day goes by without any work being done on them.


My writing life has shown me how important it is to have a community of like-minded people all working toward a shared goal to keep me on track and keep me writing every day. Maybe a community of people striving to create things would do the same.

Now, if you watched Wednesday’s video, you have a taste of why this is so important to me. You might also have a clue as to what I did to help build the kind of community I need, and maybe you do too. My challenge to all creatives is to engage in some form of art at least once every week throughout 2015.

If you’re on Facebook, I started a group you are welcome to join (I’ll be happy to send you an invite) where you can post your goals, updates on your progress, complaints about things not working out quite as you planned, photos of your finished works – whatever you’d like creative-oriented (and remember, creativity is loosely defined).

Creativity Challenge with photo by JAM ProjectFor folks who aren’t on Facebook who would still like to receive weekly updates and encouragement, along with an email-only weekly theme to help spur you along, I also created an email list. Be sure to whitelist the address so it doesn’t get sent to your spam folder.

Hope you’ll join us on this adventure. We’re already off to a great start and the first theme hasn’t even been sent out yet!

Oh! I almost forgot!! If you are participating in the creativity challenge, you are also welcome to send in photos of your artwork you would like included on the Freethought Friday post and/or share your news in the comments!

Wendy Strain

My entire life is full of writing and creativity. Whether copywriting for exciting new projects, crafting web content for creative companies, ghostwriting, editing, coaching, or exploring my own imagination as a fiction writer, I am constantly engaged in stretching boundaries and exploring possibilities.

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