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Experts / Consultants / Coaches / Professionals

One of the best ways to instantly get known as an expert in your field is to have authored a book on your subject. As one consultant put it,

“The results have exceeded my expectations. Within weeks of releasing my book I signed three new clients, my monthly billings increased more than 100%, and my per-project rate increased 25%. And, within one year, all the new clients caused my company revenues to double!”

Placing your name on a book containing your wisdom and insight is an excellent fast-track to getting future clients to know, like, and trust you and exponentially expands your opportunity to get in front of a wider audience even as you share your knowledge with the world, ensuring your legacy lives on.

However, even with the ‘easy fixes’ out there, it can still be extremely frustrating for business owners and consultants to get their ideas from their heads to the paper in a way that will adequately communicate to their audiences. Dictation only works if you know exactly what you want to say. Low-cost writers frequently will produce less-than-expected results without any of the guidance or expertise you need to create a book that truly sets you apart as a knowledgeable expert. Working one-on-one with a ghostwriter, on the other hand, not only helps you organize your thoughts and ideas but guides you toward producing a work you will be proud of for many years to come.

Standard formats for books in this category include:

  • Books that share your knowledge, establish credibility, or share expertise
  • How-to manuals for customers
  • Workbooks
  • Safety, operations, or policy manuals for employees
  • Business proposals


For academics, the stakes are even higher. Most academics never reach tenure without having published a book and, having achieved that goal, are expected to produce more books on a consistent basis. Between multiple classes, meetings, office hours, and grading, it can be difficult to wedge in a life, much less another book.

Yet academics can struggle with the concept of ghostwriting, fearing it’s treading too close to the line of plagiarism. The general conception of ghostwriting is that someone writes a book, then you put your name on it. Under those conditions, you would be correct to label it plagiarism.

However, a quality ghostwriter can take your research notes, lectures, class plans, and interviews to help form your ideas into a cohesive work that is 100% yours. You would never put out a book that hadn’t gone through an extensive editing process anyway. Ghostwriting is simply one step beyond that. We begin with editing your notes and ideas into a structure that makes sense for you and follow it up by bringing them together in a way that will make sense for your readers. While you are involved in every step of the process, your time is spent where it is most needed, in the classroom, lecture hall, or conducting empirical research.

Once the process is complete and you’re holding your newest book in your hands, you will have no problem affixing your name to it and properly claiming it as your work.

MargieKingWendy helped me with a health related copywriting project. She is a joy to work with. She is a gifted and creative writer with a broad range of interests. Wendy is funny, genuine and dedicated to supporting the success of her clients and friends. She’s a great organizer and very generous with her time and expertise. I recommend Wendy to anyone in need of ghostwriting or copywriting services.

Margie King, Natural Health Ghostwriter

Standard formats for books in this category include:

  • Transferring research results to a mainstream audience
  • Literature reviews
  • Instructional manuals
  • Workbooks
  • Journal articles or chapters

Fiction Writing

Fiction writers have an entirely different challenge. You know you have a great idea for a novel that will entertain or delight, but writing can be really challenging work. Many would-be writers are surprised when they finish up an outline or a few chapters and suddenly run out of words to type. Too many wonderful stories die right there on the page. You have to have more than just a great idea. You also need discipline, a plan, and strategies in place to overcome the inevitable feelings of resistance and overwhelm. Even after that initial draft is captured on a page, your story will need to go through many iterations of revisions and edits before it’s ready for market.

You have to have more than just a great idea. You also need discipline, a plan, and strategies in place to overcome the inevitable feelings of resistance and overwhelm. Even after that initial draft is captured on a page, your story will need to go through many iterations of revisions and edits before it’s ready for market.

Working with a ghostwriter, you can be sure your story is written and structured in a way that will engage readers. More importantly, you’ll know the important elements of storytelling are included: character development, compelling conflict, point of view, appropriate world-building, story arc, and theme.

In addition to the challenges of simply writing the book, many writers also struggle with identifying the appropriate genre to assign to their novel when it comes time to market it – whether self-publishing or seeking traditional representation. This is another advantage of working with a ghostwriter. Using our premium service, you can also obtain a professionally designed book cover, full editing and proofreading, advice regarding self-publishing vs. traditional, guidance through the self-publishing process, and a manuscript ready to simply be uploaded to the platform of your choice.

mizi kay

I just received a detailed report on a book based on my life and I had to laugh out loud at how accurately Todd and Marina have been described from just three chapters. Bravo Wendy…that’s amazing!!!

~ Mizi Kay

Novel genres I tend to write in include:

  • Historical fiction
  • Speculative fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary

Story Coaching

Story coaching can work for you if you already have most of a draft finished. Through coaching, you can be sure your piece will work for your audience.

You may also be interested in writing your own book but have no idea how to get started. Story coaching works much like a writing class except you’re the only student, classes meet based on your schedule, and the only assignments given are always 100% focused on producing the material you want to create.

Want to write a book? Work one-on-one with me and we’ll map out the stages necessary. Then we’ll work through them together until you have a polished manuscript in your hands.

Robert Paskill testimonialI hope to be able to use these methods in the future and hope to also use you or take another class with you to help build my skills further. You really have made an awesome difference in me and my writing and I thank you.

~ Robert Paskill


Editing / Proofreading

You may have plenty of time and talent to produce the materials your business needs, but lack some of the confidence that it is good enough to do the job. While you may not need a ghostwriter, you want someone who can look through your materials, help you catch glaring (and not so glaring) errors, and help you sound as professional as you are. You may have doubts about organizational structure, use of symbolism and metaphor, or how to use rhetoric and marketing strategy more effectively. As an editor, I can help find those major sticking points or help you catch those typos before they go to print / web.

Dr. J. Battle recommends editing servicesSome of you may have a book in you but don’t now where to start. I too had a story to tell and now my book is done. One of the keys to having an effective piece of work is your editor. Do not skim on this step. Wendy Strain did a wonderful job with my line and copy editing. Her attention to detail and thoughtful recommendations resulted in a polished manuscript ready for the next steps. Thank you thank you Wendy.

Dr J Battle, Board Certified Family, Sleep and Addiction Medicine. Federal Contractor 8(a) Status, Healthcare Management

Experience / Training

My education from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi includes a Master’s degree in English with dual specialization in Technical writing / Rhetoric and Literature. As a former business owner of a small transportation company, a child care center, and a newspaper, I offer the unique combination of a creative spirit with business sense. I’d love to put my strengths to work for you.

In addition to my formal education, I am also a member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance and receive continuous training in writing for business through American Writers and Artists, Inc., the gold-standard for professional copywriting education and development.

Please feel free to contact me with your project needs.