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Ghostwriting for business

Every business has a tremendous need for written material. This is true whether you’re a speaker, business owner, or coach. Even subject matter experts firmly established in larger corporations sometimes have need of a way to prove their expertise. One of the best ways to do that is by literally writing a book on the subject.

Whether you want to write a book to highlight your expertise, provide a how-to manual, or simply want to attract new clients using social media and the internet, there is constantly a need for you to produce more material. This usually happens when you are also short on time. Most businesses struggle to keep up. Contracting some of that work to a professional ghostwriter can significantly reduce your stress levels while getting the job done in high style.

Business Services


Ghostwriting for business can come in a variety of forms for print or for web:

  • Books that establish credibility / expertise
  • How-to manuals for customers
  • Safety, operations, or policy manuals for employees
  • Business proposals
  • Business forms
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Web pages
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Grant writing

All of these elements may be necessary to grow a fledgling business or to keep an already successful one at top of mind for your customer base. The problem is trying not to sound like everyone else out there while still having time to conduct the business you’re actually in. Unless you’re also a full-time writer, chances are you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of work that appears on your desk every day. Save yourself time and frustration through outsourcing your most pressing tasks. Focus your attention on things that only you can do.

Story Coaching

You may already have an idea drafted for your next profile piece. It exists in bits and pieces of content here and there. Parts are on your hard drive, in hand-written notes, and maybe even in recordings of speeches, training events, or other venues. Story coaching can work for you if you already have most of a draft finished. Through coaching, you can be sure your piece will work for your audience.

You may also be interested in writing your own book but have no idea how to get started. Story coaching works much like a writing class except you’re the only student, classes meet based on your schedule, and the only assignments given are always 100% focused on producing the material you want to create.

Want to write a book? Work one-on-one with me and we’ll map out the stages necessary. Then we’ll work through them together until you have a polished manuscript in your hands.

Interested in learning more about how to blog for your business or create monthly newsletters that convert? Story coaching can help you learn the steps you need to take, create stellar content, and keep the ideas flowing month after month.

Want to put social media to work for you? Story coaching can even help you with that, offering training and assistance in creating a social media calendar that will keep your pages full for years. .

Editing / Proofreading

You may have plenty of time and talent to produce the materials your business needs, but lack some of the confidence that it is good enough to do the job. While you may not need a ghostwriter, you want someone who can look through your materials, help you catch glaring (and not so glaring) errors, and help you sound as professional as you are. You may have doubts about organizational structure, use of symbolism and metaphor, or how to use rhetoric and marketing strategy more effectively. As an editor, I can help find those major sticking points or as a proofreader I can help you catch those typos before they go to print / web.

Business Experience / Training

My education from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi includes a Master’s degree in English with dual specialization in Technical writing / Rhetoric and Literature. As a former business owner of a small transportation company, a child care center, and a newspaper, I offer the unique combination of a creative spirit with business sense. I’d love to put my strengths to work for you.

In addition to my formal education, I am also a member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance and receive continuous training in writing for business through American Writers and Artists, Inc., the gold-standard for professional copywriting education and development.

You can learn more about my experience and training for writing for business at one of the below locations. Please feel free to contact me with your project needs for a free consultation and strategy session. You may also reach me by phone during afternoon hours at 662.469.5414.

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