Ghostwriting for the Non-writer

Ghostwriting - envisioning your storyEvery story has an adventure in it – whether we’re talking about disaster management or Great Aunt Phoebe or Dimmer, the ebony unicorn on the planet of Drudgia. I love finding the adventure in every story and exploring where it might go. Ghostwriting for the non-writer gives you a chance to get your stories out into the world without the worry of how to organize your ideas, write, or publish.


What upsets me are the stories that are never told. I think there are a lot of reasons for this. There is almost always fear – fear that we can’t tell the story ‘right’, that other people won’t like it, or that we might accidentally (or sometimes on purpose) hurt someone. These childhood fears kept me from writing for a while. If you want to know more, you can read my Story of the Strawberry.

Another common reason these adventures aren’t told is time. As much as we have automated our lives to provide more time for us to do what we want, we never seem to have the time we need to actually get that story written. It may actually be true. By the time you’re done with the third job for the day, you may be too exhausted to think about putting down a word. And getting up early just to bang out a few sentences? Too tired. Been there, done that, too.

Rather than allow the story to languish in your head for years, maybe even a lifetime, hire a ghostwriter to bring it to reality.

Story Coaching

For very few people, and for very real reasons, there is an absence of simple know-how. Perhaps you can tell the story just fine, but capturing it is just not working no matter how hard you try. Perhaps you know a story needs to be told, and know how to find the materials needed to fill in the gaps, but have no idea how to fit the pieces together so they make sense. Or maybe you can write the book, but it’s something you just need to delegate in light of other priorities.

If you’re not quite ready to hire a ghostwriter, but desire one-on-one assistance, feel free to contact me to discuss your project and how I might help. Story coaching works a lot like a writing class except you’re the only student, the assignments are only directed at your project, and it operates according to your time schedule. And no scary grammar lessons.

Editing / Proofreading

Sometimes people have a perfectly good manuscript, but they’re stalled by the thought that it might not be good enough. They have doubts about its organizational structure, its character development, its use of symbolism and metaphor, or they’re just not sure about the use of language – is it their, they’re or there? As an editor, I can help find those major sticking points or as a proofreader I can help you catch those typos before they go to print. Don’t let your story sit in a drawer unread just because of a few doubts. Get it out there and explore its potential.

I hate to see any of these stories get lost! My mission is to see as many adventures told as possible. I love helping my clients find their voice in whatever way makes sense for them. If necessary, I can be the voice for you as a ghostwriter or stand on the sidelines and help you find your own voice as a story coach. As an editor, I can help organize your writing to be sure there is a natural flow or polish it up for public consumption. My passion is strengthening your voice into a roar of confidence and self-expression as you release your message to the world.

You can contact me any time for a free consultation on your writing project or call during afternoon hours only at 662-469-5414.

You can also find out more about my experience and how previous clients have felt about working with me by following the links in this sentence.