Holiday Traditions: WOW 555 Call for Entries

WOW555 Writing Prompt Challenge call for entries - photo by LittleWonderlandOne of the biggest holiday traditions we celebrate in our household is the giving of handmade gifts. Whether made from found materials or items purchased from local merchants, we try to keep the focus on spending time together and thinking of one another.

Of course, this week’s prompt offered up the new phenomenon of the Elf on the Shelf as a potential starting point, though you also had the option to create your own tradition. So what did you come up with? Be sure to submit your entries via comment, link, or email by 5 pm today and encourage your friends to vote for their favorite story through the weekend using the hashtag #WOW555.

Rules can be found in the drop down menu on the WOW 555 tab. The winning story will be featured with next week’s prompt while the author gets a little well-deserved two-day promotion on social media!

Before you post your responses into the comments, remember, by doing so, you’re giving me permission to publish your stories without attribution or links until Monday. This is an attempt to keep the focus on the writing. So don’t forget to give your story a title!

The Monday post will identify all authors and include links and Twitter handles if you’ve provided them (hint: include your links and/or Twitter handles with your submission). The story with the most votes will be featured while all others will be listed by title.

Now, get those entries in!

You can either copy/paste your entry in the comments or provide a link to your story. You have until 5 pm CST.

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One thought on “Holiday Traditions: WOW 555 Call for Entries

  1. Dining In

    “I don’t need more soldiers, Sedgewick.” Ronin’s soft voice made Sedgewick look up. “I need a medic and a colleague.”

    A colleague. Sedgewick sighed inwardly. It’s better than nothing, I suppose.

    He gave Ronin a quick smile. “I can do those things, I think. Would you like some tea?”

    “Horseapples! That wasn’t the right word.” Ronin frowned as he scratched his bearded chin.

    Ronin raised his cerulean gaze and nailed Sedgewick with a thoughtful look. “I guess the word is friend, but I want more than that.”

    Sedgewick blinked. “You want to be friends?”

    Ronin paused. “Yes…Does that sit well with you?”

    “Oh, yes. Yes, of course.” In all honesty, Sedgewick wanted more, but having Ronin as a friend was a good place to start. And I have two nights to convince him otherwise. He had no idea how he’d do that or where the courage to try had come from, but he wouldn’t challenge it.

    “Good.” Ronin smiled and clapped at hand to Sedgewick’s shoulder. “Now, I have something special I’d like to show you. It’s something my sire would do with me each year around Solstice.” Ronin dug out a small cauldron. “It was our version of a dining-in.”

    A dining-in was a practice done by the cohort at holidays, a formal meal within the unit for the members only. Sedgewick watched curiously as Ronin cracked several scrub-fowl’s eggs and separated the yolks into a separate bowl.

    “Here.” Ronin handed him the bowl full of yolks. “Stir two scoops of sugar into that.”

    Sedgewick found the sugar jar and added the recommended amount to the yolks then stirred the best he could. He braced the bowl with his injured hand and beat the eggs as he watched Ronin whisk the daylights out of the whites.

    “What are we making, Ronin?”

    Ronin gave him a smug smile. “My sire called it Solstice Grog, and it’s got a pretty good kick.” He lifted up a small glass bottle with golden liquid inside. “I was saving this for a special occasion and I think this counts. How are the yolks?”

    “Sweetened, I’d guess.”

    Ronin laughed and Sedgewick couldn’t help but grin back. “Good. Now to add a dollop of this…” He poured a generous quantity of the golden liquid into the sugared yolks and the scent of the alcohol burned Sedgewick’s nose.

    “Sweet Epona, that’s going to kick someone’s ass.”

    “Just watch.” Ronin added generous measurements of woolly goat’s milk and cream to the sweetened mixture, urging Sedgewick to stir gently. “You don’t want to beat it too hard or the cream will thicken too much.”

    Something else had already thickened with Ronin’s hand on his, but Sedgewick tried to keep his focus on the potion they mixed. When Ronin deemed it ready, he carefully folded in the egg whites and took the cauldron outside.

    “What are you doing?”

    “It must chill for a while before it’s ready to drink.”

    488 words

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