ghostwriting-recommendationsIt’s difficult to know who you can depend on, whether in person or online. When you’re ready to share your ideas with someone else, trusting them to turn rough drafts into jewels, you want some assurance that individual is capable. Here are just a few of the responses I’ve received from previous clients:

Ghostwriting / Copywriting

Some of you may have a book in you but don’t now where to start. I too had a story to tell and now my book is done. One of the keys to having an effective piece of work is your editor. Do not skim on this step. There are four types of editing: content, line, and copy, and proofreading that need to be done before your book is formatted and printed. Wendy Strain did a wonderful job with my line and copy editing. Her attention to detail and thoughtful recommendations resulted in a polished manuscript ready for the next steps.
Thank you thank you Wendy. ~ Dr J Battle, Board Certified Family, Sleep and Addiction Medicine. Federal Contractor 8(a) Status, Healthcare Management

Wendy helped me with a health related copywriting project. She is a joy to work with. She is a gifted and creative writer with a broad range of interests. Wendy is funny, genuine and dedicated to supporting the success of her clients and friends. She’s a great organizer and very generous with her time and expertise. I recommend Wendy to anyone in need of ghostwriting or copywriting services. ~ Margie King, Natural Health Ghostwriter

Wendy is great to work with. Very experienced, very intelligent. Very supportive and super personality. She would be a great addition to any group. ~ Susan Garza, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Wendy did contract work including writing, photography and graphic work. Always great work, always on time, always with a smile. ~ John Kelley, President/Consultant at Herodias Consulting

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While a member of the ELITE Graduate Program’s cohort, Wendy was always quick with a smile and to volunteer to help with any activity we were facilitating. She was awarded the Outstanding ELITE Cohort Member award, one of a select few to receive this honor, for her drive for excellence in both her’s and other’s education. I would highly recommend Wendy for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. ~ Julie Joffray, Counselor Education Doctoral Candidate

I hope to be able to use these methods in the future and hope to also use you or take another class with you to help build my skills further. You really have made an awesome difference in me and my writing and I thank you.  – Robert Paskill

Thank you Wendy for your detailed critique of Crystal 🙂   – Mizi Kay

I just received a detailed report on a book based on my life and I had to laugh out loud at how accurately Todd and Marina have been described from just three chapters. Bravo Wendy…that’s amazing!!!   – Mizi Kay

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I would like to highly recommend our member, Wendy Strain’s, editing. I have now had a chance to see her work and it is thorough, well considered, timely and she uses an excellent program for her corrections, additions and changes. Dave Austin

Wendy assisted me with drafting a 90,000 word book manuscript for an academic press. I was very impressed with her ability to copy edit the manuscript which contained language and content specific to my field of study while also providing constructive feedback on the material. She understood the goals I outlined for the project, particularly the content I wanted to cover and the audience I wanted to reach, and kept me and the manuscript on track. She was highly responsive to my communication on the project and was able to perfectly manage working virtually and through emails. Undoubtedly, the manuscript was much improved because of Wendy’s involvement and expertise. I also learned a considerable amount from the process and believe that I have improved my own writing skills as a result of her guidance. I would recommend Wendy without hesitation for book projects! –  Ashley Ross, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Sam Houston State University

Reflections Print Journal is First in its Field to Be Housed in South Texas at the Island University

*It was an honor to be part of bringing something like Reflections Journal to South Texas – Wendy Strain, Associate Editor

Creative Writing

Fiction Prompt Contests:

I’d love to do it again. Aside from a couple of book signings, this was probably the most fun I ever had doing something promotional. ~ Lilly Gayle

I’d never tried anything like your contest before, and I was rather pessimistic about my ability to think that quickly or confine myself to such a short amount of time to come up with anything coherent — I am writing a novel right now, and I tend to ramble on a lot.

This was a very good experience, though — and not just because I won.  (I was rather shocked — and humbled by that, actually.)  But I managed to work within the parameters of the prompt and the time and keep everything focused, so that was a big learning experience for five minutes.

I look forward to making my participation a weekly habit.  Thank you for creating the contest and administering it every week. ~ Kimberly Murphy Wilbanks

*For the record, it was Leah Petersen who first created the contest.

“Thanks for doing what you do Wendy!  These are nice comfortable sandboxes for new/scared people like myself to play in.  I look forward to it each week.” ~ J Raven

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Wow, Wendy, huge thanks. You went well above and beyond the call of duty and I REALLY appreciate it so much! I’ve been toying with ‘showing’ the argument and explosion up front and that might just be what I need to finally sell this book. I’ll go back and take another look at Sara and see what I can do there too. You made some very valid points. I think it’s OK if a reader gets mad at a charater as long as the character is likeable. Tom Colgon at Penguin (Clancy’s editor) didn’t like either one of them, lol…ooops. And I couldn’t figure out why or what to do … it’s been a hard road. I’ll go back and incorporate your ideas…again, huge thanks.  KT Bryan

An excellent review of my first book, The TRACKS. I urge you to read it as Wendy Strain has caught the essence of the book in an excellent manner. I couldn’t have said it better myself!  Rosalyn Ramage




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Climate Change Speaker

Wendy Strain: An Outstanding Islander

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