Meet Wendy

Wendy Strain - Freelance WriterFrom as early as third grade, my life has been dedicated to writing in one way or another. From journalism to teaching to grant writing and ghostwriting, my job has always been to tell a complicated story in an entertaining way. You don’t think your story is all that exciting? Maybe you think it’s too complicated for the average audience to understand? Think again.

People are interested in what you do, even if you can’t fully articulate it in a soundbite. Don’t worry, that’s my job. Combining your expertise with my lifetime of experience in all phases of writing, we can create results that cause readers to sit up and take notice, to become avid followers of your work, and evolve into eager clients for your product or service.

My specialties focus on communicating complex concepts to a broad audience by making your ideas approachable, understandable, and desirable. Let me help you provide your target customers with the answers they’re seeking, explain to them why your solutions work best, and establish you as the expert in what you do.