Meet Wendy

Wendy Strain - Freelance Writer

Named after a fairy tale character, my biggest passion in life is to help people see their dreams come true. After 15 years as a writer, having produced more than 20 books and countless articles, blogs, reports, and other materials, I know dreams can come true, but it takes a lot of work. It’s also better with friends.

Five years in journalism taught me that most people struggle to write about themselves, even when they have fascinating lives and incredible ideas. As the editor and/or owner of small press newspapers reaching a combined population of approximately 200,000, I learned how to coax out the interesting tidbits that make stories come alive. Although I covered all beats, my favorites were profile pieces, community/business news, and arts.

With the advent of the internet, 40% of journalists lost their positions, myself included, launching me into the freelance space. During the next six years, I was a full-time copywriter and ghostwriter, focusing on topics in science, technology, engineering, arts, and architecture. My favorite assignments also included climate-oriented news and innovative approaches to sustainability.

No stranger to the desire to follow one’s passion, I continued freelance writing even when I decided to finish my Master’s degree. While I studied technical writing and rhetoric, I became involved in the blend between science and business as part of a business incubation center. We focused on innovative sustainable technology development. Although I stepped away to teach university-level English after graduating, it wasn’t long before I was back, this time as a grant writer in the research development office.

Grant writing taught me more about blending multiple voices into a cohesive whole and translating complex topics into clear concepts. It was a rewarding career that allowed me to develop my speaking, teaching, and writing skills as I led workshops and faculty training all while remaining engaged in high stakes projects with wide-reaching impacts. But then I discovered another common element of business life – burnout.

It felt like an indulgence to take the necessary time off to recuperate from the multiple stresses that took place at that time in both my professional and personal lives. Part of my motivation in supporting businesses today is to help others realize their dreams earlier and avoid this damaging stage.

Now, I’ve come full circle, combining my various talents to produce work I believe the world needs while helping businesses grow. It is now my job to help you follow your passion while avoiding burnout. By combining all I’ve learned about writing with what you know about your topic, we can create the important materials you need to push your business to the next level and finally see your dream come true.

I can’t tell you enough how thrilled I am that you’ve stopped by for a visit. Be sure to reach out to say hi and tell me more about yourself through this site or on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.