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GhostwritingGhostwriting can help you re-capture your time and energy by outsourcing some of the hard work of producing the content your company needs to thrive in today’s competitive market. Whether you’re an up-and-coming company offering innovative new products, a consultant seeking to establish your authority, or a survivor ready to share your wisdom to help others navigate similar paths to your own, your story can be told with less pain and difficulty when you have a ghostwriter by your side.

Copywriting services

Short form copywriting services can include a number of projects ranging from blogging and article writing to creating reports and white papers, web pages, case studies, and even grant writing. With consistent, ongoing training from the leader in the field of copywriting training and a 64% success rate writing federal grant applications for many of the major national funding departments plus a background in journalism and business ownership, there aren’t many forms of copy I haven’t had my hands on.

After years of writing for business and coaches, I have gained a great deal of knowledge of where people tend to lose their way while pursuing their passions. Confused business organization leads to confused messaging, haphazard online presence, and overwhelm in nearly all phases of your life. Whether you want to reclaim power over your own story or learn how to capture your story in more effective terminology, I can help. A passion project of mine, caring for and protecting our environment, has also led to my being trained by Climate Reality Corps as an environmental speaker focused on solutions and sustainable adaptation.