Short-form Writing

Short form writing

Ghostwriting exists in a variety of forms, including a number of shorter documents, such as:

All of these elements may be necessary to grow a fledgling business or to keep an already successful one at top of mind for your customer base. The problem is trying not to sound like everyone else out there while still having time to conduct the business you’re actually in. Unless you’re also a full-time writer, chances are you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of work that appears on your desk every day. Knowing the right word to use when can increase your leads by as much as 60%, which makes it all the more important that significant thought has been put into your campaign. Save yourself time and frustration by outsourcing your most pressing tasks. Focus your attention on things that only you can do.

As a member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance, I receive continuous training in writing for business delivered by American Writers and Artists, Inc., the gold-standard for professional copywriting education and development.

White papers / Short reports

White papers are generally used for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales documents which work to promote your products or services in detail. Although they can sometimes look relatively simple, they are deceptively complex to produce, often requiring research into your competition, audience, client base, and product as well as similar products that might achieve similar results. As a result, they can be time-consuming, especially for busy, growing companies with or without an internal writing staff.

Short reports can take the form of individual chapters for compilation books of expert advice or academic knowledge, sponsorship packages for various initiatives, or, typically used by consultants, free reports to be used as incentives for various purposes. Like white papers, they can require a great deal of research to produce an effective and attractive presentation.

Case studies

Case studies typically present the experiences of satisfied clients or customers as they reveal what led them to a particular business or consultant and how that service helped them solve their need. For example, one business used a single case study to grow his sales by 185%. They can be distributed in video or text format and serve to help others decide whether the service under discussion is the right approach for their own needs.

To be most effective, case studies must present an honest opinion of both the positive and negative aspects of the services used and include one or more interviews with clients. This requires knowledge of how to effectively structure an interview to get all of the information needed in as short a time as possible so as not to impact too strongly on the client’s time. Then the material must be organized and structured in a way that enables the client’s voice to shine through, the negatives of the service to be discussed, and have the reader/viewer still come away from the material feeling positive about the service overall.

Web pages

Putting up web pages seems like it should be so easy, right? Add a few pictures, type a few words, and you’re done. But when it comes time to actually hit that Publish button, there’s so much left to do and so much uncertainty left behind. What do you need to say? How do you need to say it? Can it be shorter? Should it be longer? What about all that SEO stuff people keep talking about? Web page content doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be outsourced!

Newsletters / Email campaigns

Newsletters and email campaigns are some of the most effective ways to engage your audience and keep them coming back. The content in your newsletters needs to help you maintain your relationship with your subscribers while email campaigns can do a number of things: welcome them to your tribe, deliver a sales campaign, provide an online course for example.

Each of these uses needs its own approach. Newsletters should not simply repeat your blog, for example, while each email campaign will have a variety of messages following a specific messaging strategy depending on the purpose of your campaign.

Blog Posts / Articles

From literary journals to travel writing, articles and blog posts are intended to inform and entertain. Businesses with a regularly updated blog generate 126% more leads compared to businesses without a blog. While they look very similar at first glance, there are some significant differences depending on whether they are to be used in print or online. Knowing those differences determines the success of the piece.

Topics I tend to write about include the craft of writing, environment, travel, natural health/living, and social justice issues.

Grant writing

When you have a great idea that needs funding, finding and applying for grants can be a daunting proposition. Grant writing services help you identify appropriate granting agencies for new funding opportunities and, once found, help you craft a highly competitive application.

Experience within the grant development office of a mid-level university and as a contract grant writer, I’ve achieved a 64% success rate and raised more than $14 million in funded projects. Proposed projects have been submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH), NASA, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Transportation (DOT), and private funders. I am also a current member of the Grant Professionals Association, a community of grant professionals committed to serving the greater public good.