That’s the Spirit: WOW 555 Winner and New Contest Prompt

WOW 555 Writing Challenge on Write on WendyHope your weekend was all you wanted it to be and you’re going into the new week with a stronger sense of spirit. Why not carry that extra glow of love a little further and do some nice little thing for a co-worker today? Leave a nice note on a sticky tab, tell them something nice about themselves or something you appreciate about them. Before we get to this week’s winner and the new prompt, let’s take a moment to recognize such talent:

Whether you were with a special someone this weekend or not, I hope you took some time to appreciate the people who are in your life. Love to everyone – writer and reader! We had a lot of love among our voters this week resulting in a three-way tie between Bill Engleson, Bob James, and Katheryn Avila! It took quite a bit of deliberation because all of the stories were good, but eventually the tie-breaker decided on It All Started With The ‘Fight’ saying there just seemed to be more story there. Congratulations Bob James (@rockyfort)! I’ll be adding your link to our winner’s circle and sending you your badge linked to this post in just a bit.

Don’t forget to check out the new prompt at the bottom of this post and encourage votes during the weekends! You can sign up for the reminder mailing list if you think you’ll forget. Before you do that, though, here is our featured winning entry:

It All Started with the ‘Fight’

Bob James (@rockyfort)

I love the bigger birds, but mating rituals of all the birds fascinated me. When I saw the mockingbirds going at it, I stopped and watched with wonder. I raised my camera to get a few shots. Then, the silence was shattered.

“Look auntie! Birdies fighting!” The toddler’s yell scared the birds and they flew off, perhaps to a more secluded spot for their romantic encounter. I sighed with disappointment.

“Yes, dear. They shouldn’t be fighting, should they?” I looked back and saw a cute young lady who shrugged as she caught my glance as if to ask, “How else do I explain it to a three year old?” Then she turned to her niece and said, “Honey, head on back to your mommy. I’d like to talk with this man here. I’ll watch you run!”

As her niece ran back, she watched her and then headed towards me. I tried not to let her see that I was upset, how can you be upset with a three year old kid, and got off my knees and walked to her.

“I’m so sorry,” she said.

I shrugged. Then, I laughed at the absurdity. “Fighting?” I raised my eyebrows like my old teacher used to whenever I gave a stupid answer.

She laughed. “Her mom can tell her about the birds and the bees.” Then she looked like she was debating her next line. The temptation got the best of her and she said it. “Besides, make up sex is best, isn’t it?”

I felt the burning in my cheeks. I didn’t talk about sex much, especially with a beautiful girl I didn’t know! “I wouldn’t know,” I finally managed to stammer.

“Sorry to make you uncomfortable,” she said. Her apology even sounded genuine. “I don’t know why I said it.”

“That’s ok,” I mumbled.

The silence was awkward. “Can I see your camera? Did you get any good shots?”

We were back on comfortable ground again. She came close enough to look and I never did take the camera off my neck. “Sure, I got a few good pics during the ‘fight.’” I laughed a bit. Her smile lit up my day. She looked genuinely happy to be looking at my pics. Her breath made the hairs on my neck stand up as she flipped through more pics than I got of the mating. She not only appreciated the camera work, she seemed to know her birds, too.

She turned and looked at me. Our lips almost touched we were so close. “This is going to sound like a bad pickup line, but my sister was holding my camera while I walked with Elaine. Can I invite you over to see my pictures? I’m not half bad as a photographer myself.”

I was finally beginning to feel at ease. “I’d love to,” I said as I smiled.

“Come with me, then,” she said. She reached out and took my hand. “I think we’re going to like each other.”


Contest Prompt

One of the things I like about Valentine’s Day (not the commercial version but the personal part) is the afterglow everyone has of feeling like they’re special to someone. A publishing company I follow, Mindvalley, has taken that idea one step further and introduced the concept of Love Week into their business structure. Now, they actually celebrated Love Week last week, but there’s no reason we can’t celebrate it this week. Click here to find out more about what that entails and let me know if you’re on board.

And while I’m thinking of the spirit of the season, it’s time to give you the new prompt. For this week, your story should incorporate the concept of spirit in some way. (See what I did there 🙂 ). You can choose to focus on sentiment, ghostly apparitions, energy, whatever spirit means to you. Remember, interpretation is in the hands of the author. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

WOW 555 Writing Contest Prompt by Wendy Strain with Photo by Dancer
photo credit: dancer via photopin (license)

You know the guidelines, 500 words within the next 5 days, the call for entries will come out Thursday evening and you have until 5 pm Friday to submit your links or stories to the comments. Again, if you’re concerned you’ll forget, just sign up for the reminder email list. Messages go out each Monday morning with the prompt and each Friday morning with a simple reminder to submit your story.


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