Who has the time?: 5 helpful resources to help you gain control over your time

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If you watched this week’s video earlier, you know my schedule can frequently get out of control. Do you have days/weeks/months like that too?

Last week, I found a very helpful post that offered a really simple technique for getting your schedule in hand. Of course, I didn’t implement right away (or I would have been more effective this week), but I’ve learned my lesson and gone back to the board.

Hopefully, that technique works well for you, but in case it doesn’t, I found some handy tips from some of the experts on other ways you can effectively schedule your runaway time.

How to Manage Time with 10 Tips that Work

The value for me in this article was the discussion about clock time versus real time. The tips offered are either unworkable for me, mostly irrelevant to my situation, or something I’m already doing. I figure that’s good news because if it isn’t something I use, maybe it’s a gap in what I’m offering you and therefore something you can use. And that real time vs. clock time thing is still something to seriously consider.

20 Quick Tips for Better Time Management

Lifehacker has some really great articles. Tips that stood out to me in this one were pegging time limits and blocking time. I thought I was doing those things, but when I really look at how my last week has gone, I realize I’m not really sticking to the plan. That’s where some of the other tips here can really help.

Time management techniques and systems

One thing that many time management sites suggest is writing down your activities for a week so you can better see what you’re doing. Is it just me or does it seem like if I don’t have time for all the things already on my list, I definitely don’t have time for this one? As a writer, I have to remind myself that this is like getting the rough draft completed. 90% of it may not make it to the final, but it isn’t a waste of time because it helped me get my thoughts straight. This article is a bit difficult to read, but provides some very helpful matrices (in the second half) that might make this task a bit easier.

Time Management Skills and Techniques (Lessons!!)

Just not sure you have the time to get your time organized? Or maybe you need more detail on a specific element of time management and searching through all the advice out there is dragging you down. This site is a handy collection of lessons that each address common problems like organization, procrastination, decision-making, prioritizing – the list is extensive!

Time Management from Mind Tools

Still need that little extra oomph of discipline? This site from Mind Tools will take you step by step through the process of learning better time management and help you identify where your system is breaking down. It even offers a handy Time Management Toolkit when you subscribe to their newsletter (which itself will keep you motivated to stay on track of your schedule).

How is your Time Management system working?

Before you rush off to explore all these great finds, I wanted to give you a few tools that might help you improve your productivity. The problem is, I don’t know just what you need most – something to limit your online surfing or something to track your actual activities. Something to track your lists of things to do or calendars that inspire you to continue moving. Then I found this site, 10 Must-Have Tools for Time Management. I’ve tried several of these and they were helpful (when I remembered to use them). Take a look and see if any of them might be helpful to you.

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