Want to be Happier? 5 Links to Help You Achieve it No Matter What

5 Links to Happiness with photo by demandajAlmost everyone wants to be happier, right? And we could all use a little help in that from time to time. You may have already noticed the new blog format, designed to make it easier for you to find your way around to the various things I have going on which, in turn, are all designed to help you achieve greater success with your creative goals (see yesterday’s post for more). Since most of you who follow this page are also writers, I assume you are:

  • looking for help to improve your writing
  • help to earn money as a writer, or
  • a community with which to share your writing or other creative endeavors

Am I correct? Let me know in the comments what you are looking for most.

Starting today and every Thursday following, I plan to bring to you some links to articles I have found during the previous week that speak to one of the above three concerns. To start us off on the right foot for the new year, this week’s theme is on how to find happiness in our daily lives, no matter what it is that we’re doing right now.

First, a quote:

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It depends on what you think.” Buddha

5 Links to Happiness with photo by JAM Project

Science backs the big guy up. Several of the following articles are based on real science into what makes us happy as human beings and how to increase that feeling more often in our lives.

27 Simple Things to Start Doing for Your Happiness

As the title says, a list of things you can start doing right now that will help increase your overall levels of happiness right now, without needing to drastically change anything external. Keep your job, your house, your family, but make these small changes in the way you approach each and your happiness will improve.


Not sure you can commit to changing your attitude on your own? That’s okay. There’s this wonderful little site that works with you one day at a time, giving you games and activities that function to help you feel better. There’s an entire community to join if you choose (you don’t have to) and there are a number of tracks designed to help you with the areas you want help with the most.

Find Work You Love by Identifying Your Unique Angle

I found the title to this one to be a little misleading, but it does provide some good tips on how to transition yourself into a profession you love without risking your current comfort levels and ensuring the direction you think you want to go is really the direction that will make you happy.

The Fear of Writing Well

Ksenia Anske, one of my current favorite writers (I have so many!) sums up a common problem many writers have, especially given the massive amount of competition out there. What do you think? Are you ready to dump the wagon and get moving on with something better? The choice is always and every day yours.

How to Become a Prolific Writer While Holding Down a Day Job

If you feel unhappy because you think your day job, necessary to keep the lights on, is keeping you from writing and succeeding as a writer, keeping the internal fires going, this post is for you. It’s written by someone who both maintains a 40+ hour work week and manages to get their own works published and marketed. No promises that it’ll be easy, but some great tips to make it happen.

What do you think? Were these links helpful to you? Would you like to see more? Is there something you’re struggling with that you’d like to see more discussion about? Let me know in the comments!

Oh! And I have a bonus link (because Positive Writer is awesome). How to Motivate Yourself Right Now. No excuses, get out there and make your dreams happen. No one else is going to do it for you!

Happy Mom photo credit: demandaj via photopin cc
Happy Buddha photo credit: JAM Project via photopin cc

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