Women in STEM Invitation

Women in STEM series

Welcome and thank you for your interest. Something about you prompted your friend to send you an invitation to this page so you could be a part of one of the above collections.

STEMming the Tide: Women in STEM sharing advice to success in a male-dominated field is designed as a collection of stories and advice from women to women going into STEM-oriented fields that are still predominantly male-focused. Rather than encouraging 40% of our female minds opt out of their chosen fields within a few years of entry, the advice offered in this book will help them overcome the biases that would otherwise drive them away.

Wisdom from the Inside: Role models for women entering STEM fields is designed to offer high school and college women with an opportunity to see more women within these fields, understand the exciting ways in which women are taking up leadership positions in them, and emerge as role models for the generations to follow them.

As a contributor, you would only need to participate in a short online interview and will receive:

  1. A ghostwritten chapter featuring you and your work
  2. Ability to request revisions and adjustments to completed ghostwritten chapter
  3. A full page to fill as you wish – promotional content, summary of advice, contact information – as long as it fits within the spirit of the book, the options are open
  4. Input on the final design of the collection
  5. 3-5 minute promotional video to use on your website and as introductory material for speaking engagements and conference appearances
  6. Transcript of the video for hearing impaired, those who prefer reading, and additional promotional options
  7. PDF version of the completed collection to use as giveaway product or to sell
  8. 20 print versions of the completed collection for back of room sales, giveaway items, etc.
  9. Ability to order additional books at cost
  10. Expanded recognition within your field and boosted credibility to a wider audience
  11. OH! And almost forgot to mention, full rights to the chapter content after the book has been published. You’ll be able to use the chapter as is for whatever use you want or make changes as you see fit!

The books will be published under the Write Services label with goal release dates during the 2018 spring season. Those selected for inclusion in the collection will be asked to contribute to the cost of production.

To see if this is a good fit for you, click here and complete the pre-qualification quiz.

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