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Creative writing is my first love. I began reading Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop at the age of three and discovered the magic of books to help you find entirely new worlds. Anne McCaffrey, Madeleine L’Engle, Richard Bach, and several others helped me survive adolescence as I moved with my family every year or so across the country. Creative writing continues to speak to me today. Whether you’re into fantasy, science fiction, romance, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction or some other genre, I want to help you find tips and suggestions to improve your writing. I hope you find encouragement and community to break the tendency to feel isolated in your writing world.

Creative Writing Tips

In this section, you can find posts providing various tips and suggestions for improving your personal writing, find inspiration, or work through technical difficulties. If there is something you’d like feedback for, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will answer you personally and/or produce a new post to more fully answer your question. You never know what might also apply to other readers.

Creative Writing Prompts

Once upon a time, I ran a weekly creative writing contest. Actually, I ran two different contests at two different times. The first one was #5MinuteFiction. It allowed writers 5 minutes to respond to a given prompt. Winners were decided by an outside guest judge and provided with a feature post as reward. Unfortunately, the contest became too much work for me to maintain properly. I gave it away to another writer who then killed it.

I started the second contest because I missed the #5MinuteFiction writing community. The new contest was called WOW555, an homage to the earlier contest. It was different, though. This one provided writers with 5 days to write their 500 word responses. The winners for this contest were determined by blind judging. Winners received a feature page with their story, inclusion in the Winner’s Circle, and promotion on social media channels. It is also no longer running.

Even though neither of these contests are functioning anymore, you are welcome to browse through the prompts. The prompts can be used to boost your own writing or you can read through the submitted entries for inspiration. Below are the relevant links:

#5MinuteFiction Prompts (links coming soon)

WOW555 Prompts (links coming soon)

Creative Writing Communities

There are plenty of great writing communities on the web. If you haven’t found any you particularly like yet, here are a few I enjoy. Because I like them so much, I have become either an affiliate or a part-founder of these sites. So yes, I have some bias. But I like to approach life with open eyes, so please contact me if you have problems with these sites or would like to recommend others that you enjoy.

Our Write Side - Creative Writing CommunityOur Write Side is a writing community designed with you in mind. We offer writing prompts on a daily basis, writing tips from numerous authors, and a number of other services.




Siobhan Muir's Thursday ThreadsSiobhan Muir has a delightfully adult flash fiction contest running on her blog every Thursday. Only short pieces allowed, up to 250 words tops, and you must include a given line taken from the previous winner’s story. The winner is judged by an outside guest author.